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Basically, Digimon Academy is another Digimon FDD (a story with Fictional Digimon & Destined). It "started" in February 2012 with first ideas and concepts by SulfuricAcid. Soon a collaboration of people, providing and sharing their character art and stories came to life.

The site uses concrete5 CMS. Design was created in collaboration with SulfuricAcid. Templates including HTML, CSS and JS are selfmade. This page was my first concrete5 approach and contains some special contents:

Character pages of the Digimon characters & art deviate from the "natural" concrete5 logic of page layouts to mimic specific behaviour for the character data.

Additionally an ipod-style youtube widget was created as concrete5-block supplying a way to embed youtube videos for the soundtracks used. The player-widget uses the youtube iframe-api and handles on-page created custom playlists. Additionally different themes are included for the Digimon Academy project. The complete project took about a month until everything was satisfactory to SulfuricAcid

digimon-academy went offline

digimon-academy is not available anymore. Unfortunately there is no information if it will ever return.

Sorry for any inconvenience...