The game is a fast paced space shooter focused on direct fighting in small space vessels. The game features quick-missions like deathmatch plus custom-missions with complex rules and storyline which may be arranged in campaigns. The game can be played in single- and multiplayer and follows different and unique concepts to deliver a consistent and balanced gameplay experience. Browse one of the sections below to learn more about this game.

Please Note: SpaceFight is in alpha-state. All data about this project may change in the future. Due to the fact that I am working on this alone progress may be very slow or even halt if I work on other stuff.


In a far future where human mankind has evolved to a great extent and almost reached a global unified society, no hostility exists.

Many of the nations have united where there was fit. Starting with the European, Western and Eastern unions more and more countries joined those contintent's societies. It looked like human mankind would soon achieve their final goal. All unions were friendly and shared their wealth and knowledge. The only demand left over was the remaining space on earth. Thousands of years before great mother earth was a wide area with lots of lands. Now there was no place left for mankind to grow.

In an attempt to search space for potential areas to spread earth's population a new space race started between the great world unions. During research, engineering and exploration another long forgotten demand overtook mankind. Earth ressources where almost used up.

Each union started to save on their valuable goods. Soon all Trading between the great unions halted and hostility once again arose as if it never was gone. Instead of a cooperative search for new resources the ongoing space race developed into a hunting for ressources. Meanwhile on Earth hatred led to violence and war between the great unions.

With the intention to annihilate their opponents each union produced weapons based on the newest researches. Some were not able to keep up. The day these weapons were fired many places on earth have been destroyed and condemned. What grew over thousands of years has been eradicated by mankind within one day. This day is now known as Wipe-Out.

Only the biggest unions survived and the weapons used in the shortest world war in history have been banned from Earth and moved into space. This time the brave and courageous men and women who fought the odds of space are fighting for their lives...



  • Basic Features
  • Action oriented ship control
    Direct Control of small space vessels with different camera perspectives
  • No faction limitations
    Missions can have as many factions as desired
  • Generic mission types
    Play Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch, Space-Conquest, Space-Domination missions
  • Complex missions
    Build own complex missions with custom scripts and mission goals
  • Campaigns
    Missions can be combined to unique campaigns
  • Mod-Support
    Full mod support (including user interface)
  • Gameplay Features
  • Three controllable ship classes
    Control an Interceptor, Fighter or Bomber on your missions
  • Free faction & flight selection
    Players can just jump into existing flights of any faction and start fighting
  • Customizable weapon loadout
    Support for energy weapons and warheads which can be fully customized on ship loadout screen
  • Ship perks
    Each ship can carry a perk which may be passive or active like ECM-jammer, ammo-/repairbouys, gravity mines and much more...
  • AI controlled platforms, capital-ships and stations
    Missions include static and dynamic objects like cruisers, capital-ships, weapons-platforms or stations