This is an app I created for the periodic poker matches we sometimes play with some friends. It allows to set up rounds with timer and blinds and notifies on a round change. I was not satisfied with the already existing apps. Many of them were too restricted or contained automation which influenced playstyle too much. Others were way too complex/annoying to handle for such a simple task. The aim of this app is to be as lightweight as possible and to give full customization of everything.


Old design

To show the changes between the old and new layout I have left the old screenshots below. I think the new design is much better and more modern. But check out the old screens to judge for yourself.


  • Basic Features
  • Big LED-style timer display
    Watch the round time in a Big LED-style timer
  • Audio notification
    A short alarm notifies that a round has changed
  • Custom blinds & times
    Create fully customizable rounds with unique time and small- / bigblind settings
  • Multitasking
    Do other stuff with your device while the timer is running
  • Statusbar notification
    A statsbar notification informs about the current round and it's settings
  • Game profiles
    Create profiles from a setup of rounds to store different poker playstyles and reuse them with a single tap of your finger