A music player with genre support for old Android versions, customizable Visualizations and SmartScan feature. Due to the fact that I like to sort my music in a library and create playlists of certain genres, artists or by mood of a song I felt the need to create my own music player for android.

The project started when I noticed that my old phone did not support genres at all. So I implemented an own media-scanner and a media library with playback functions.

Soon the project grew with new demands in its usability and feature-set. Thanks to the easy way in Android to maintain layouts and connect activities the project could grow with ease.

Today aPod-UI uses ActionBarSherlock to benefit from Honeycomb's (and later) ActionBar features and cleaner layout.



  • Basic Features
  • Full media support
    Support for all mediums which can be played by Android
  • Extended media-library
    New media-library with working genre, song artist and album artist support and additional data
  • Playlists
    Create playlists from genres, artists or single songs. Add songs to existing playlists and even create dynamic playlists
  • Remote Control support
    Control aPod with your headphones remote control
  • Tablet and Phone support
    Different adapted layouts for tablets and smartphones
  • File Browsing
  • Media Library
    Browse through a media library with views for genre, album artist, album and songs.
  • Quick playlist authoring
    Directly add genres, artists, albums or single songs to your favourite playlists
  • SmartScan
    Create playlists by selecting dynamic attributes (genre, BPM, duration) which update automatically when Songs are added or removed
  • Playlist Conversion
    Convert existing playlists into SmartScan playlists and vice versa
  • Direct media access
    Directly open connected media like usb-storage or sd-cards and browse the file-system for music or create temporary Media Librarys
  • Coverflow
    Use a Coverflow to browse your Media-Library while in landscape mode
  • Visualizations
  • Visualization support
    Visualizations are animated scenes dynamically moving controlled by music
  • Visualization surfaces
    Select different visualizations for aPod's dashboard and player
  • Live Wallpaper
    Run any Visualization as live wallpaper on your phone
  • Custom Visualizations
    Create own Visualizations with only a text editor and put them on your sd-card to make them available in aPod
  • Special Features
  • Simple Gesture Detection
    Play or pause apod or switch to the next song with two simple gestures
  • Advanced Gesture Detection
    Use intuitive Gestures like hand swyping to switch between songs and control playback and volume
  • Supports Sony Ericsson's LiveView
    Use your LiveView device to view current song with Album-Art, switch songs, control playback and volume and even access and start your playlists!