This site is a personal homepage depicting the interests and projects of its author. The content covers a blog with different topics, personal projects as well as information.

Some words from the author

Welcome again to I am glad that you visit my site and hope you enjoy some of my content. I would be even more happy if you leave me a short message in my guestbook. 

About my projects

All of the projects found on this site are developed by me. If not stated otherwhise I am the only one who is working on a certain project. The projects may use different frameworks for different reasons. If so it will be mentioned in the projects pages which framework was used and for what reasons.

About me

My name is Frederik "rampage" Wolter. I'm a professional software developer with personnel responsibility from Germany. Currently specialized in e-business solutions, e-commerce solutions and rich internet applications.

I spend a lot of my sparetime on personal projects. My favourite areas are Android and computer games.  But I maintain some websites I created with different cms-systems. If you want to know what experiences I made in my career just read on.

  • My Experience
  • C & ASM hardware development
    A long time ago I developed software for some industrial devices. I really liked to see the hardware work with the written code.
  • C++ desktop application development
    Really hated it to work on user interfaces on C++... Too much work for ugly interfaces and ludicrously much work to create decent user experiences.
  • C++ game development
    Used to wok on some semiprofessional and professional gaming projects some years ago. I really liked it but it's also really tuff stuff.
  • Visual Basic desktop application development
    Much better than developing C++ desktop applications. Decent userinterfaces could be created really fast. Unfortunately performance and compatibility wasn't that good.
  • Java desktop application development
    Really great stuff! With the right IDE you can create decent UIs like a breeze. I usually work with swing and already created my own application framework to create lightweight modular desktop applications with decent usability and skinnable interface.
  • JavaFX
    I tried it because it claims to be good for fancy animated UIs. Unfortunately it suffers from a lot of problems. Dont want to go into detail here... I just don't like it! BTW is it still alive?!
  • Java web development (using servlet)
    Good for rich internet applications with lots of background work and expensive tasks. Not so good for cms or "homepages".
  • PHP web development
    I really like it... PHP is easy to use and does not force the programmer into silly rules like "OOP is the best". I think it's the best platform for small, medium and even large scale internet applications for end users if you do it right and have (created) a decent framework.
  • Webdesign
    I really like using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But sometimes it is a real pain with all the different standards and compatibilities. It's a long way to go to become a really professional webdesigner.
  • Scripting
    I did a lot of scripting in my time as developer and before. JavaScript, Python, LUA, Perl... I liked almost all of them and I think each and every scripting language has huge pros depending on what you want to achieve.
  • My first experience
    I made my first Experience with basic on a C64... First program I ever made was a question/answer game. Later I created some more visual games. But only small stuff. I'm really sad that I lost all of my legacy projects. :-(